Thursday, July 8, 2021

Tuesday book reviews on Thursday


Five-star review of After by Morris Gleitzman

 The fourth book in the series returns to 1945 to fill in some of Felix’s story. His distinctive ‘voice’ pulled me through this sometimes-harrowing story. He’s not as naïve as in the earlier stories, but he still makes childish assumptions. He finds out that Gabriek has been working with a group of partisans against the Nazis in the area. They give Felix the job as assistant to Dr. Zajak, his introduction to medicine, and in particular, surgery. He works with the partisans, but after an attack on the camp, he finds and helps six kids in a nearby town after it’s bombed. The remaining series of events show his emotional growth as well as the many things he’s learned. A very quick, smooth read that’s perfect for everyone.

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