Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Tuesday Book Reviews on Wednesday


Four-star review of The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan

This world is fascinating, including the history, but the characters not so much. I like the way Perrin’s character has developed, but Mat is usually just a cipher and Rand is becoming annoying. As for the women, each one is inconsistent. I still like a few of the less major characters including Loial and Thom. This book was long and bogged down in parts. It was the least enjoyable of the series so far. With the characters spread out all over the map, this seemed like several different stories that jumped from one to another every few chapters. I lost track of most of the minor characters. It showed me how not to do a novel with several storylines and groups of characters. I still want to see how all this plays out, but there are so many more books in the series, and most are about as long. I probably won’t read another for a while, making it more difficult to remember who the cast of thousands are.

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