Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Tuesday Book Review

Four-star review of World of Secrets by James Maxwell

 The sequel to The Girl from Nowhere is full of even more action and adventure for Taimin and his companions as they try to cross the firewall. Along the way they, they learn more and more about their world and where the five races came from. A sixth giant race is also revealed. The change in attitude of the members of one race near the end of the story was a bit sudden, and the giant race telling them all that they were fighting a consortium of the other five was like an enemy telling our heroes how to defeat him. This book answers many of the questions posed by the first book in the Firewall series. I’ll read on to find out what happens to the characters next.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Tuesday Book Review


Four-star review of The Survivors by Hammond Innes

 This old suspense/thriller (from 1949) is action-packed. Duncan Craig joins The Southern Cross, part of a whaling convoy in the Antarctic, although he’s never done any whaling before. After a series of events, he’s stranded with part of the crew on a moving iceberg. As their food dwindles, the situation goes from bad to worse, mainly due to the antics of the son of The Southern Cross’s captain. The rapid-fire action and the character development are old-school but made this an enjoyable read. Even the romances are handled in an old-fashioned way. I enjoyed this quick read.



Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Tuesday Book Reviews on Wednesday

 Five-star review of The Watchmaker’s Daughter by C.J. Archer

 I was in the middle of reading two other books when I started this and couldn’t go back to the others as I was so enthralled with this one. The well-written blurb sums it up, India Steele is desperate after her father dies and her fiancĂ© not only jilts her but is willed her father's watchmaking shop. She meets Matthew there when she goes to rant at her former fiancĂ© and agrees to help him find an elderly watchmaker who’d sold him a watch in America. As the story develops in a world where the watchmaking guild won’t allow women to be watchmakers, the relationship between India and Matthew changes and we learn more about them. I’m baffled by a few negative reviews for this story because I enjoyed it so much. It appears to be the start of a long series. I’m already looking forward to reading the next book.