Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Tuesday Book Review

Mistletoe and Murder by Robin  Stevens

Mistletoe and Murder by Robin Stevens - five stars

Daisy and Hazel are spending the Christmas hols at Cambridge, where Bertie is studying and Alexander and George are visiting George’s brother. Of course there’s a murder, or rather two. But with the Detective Society and the Junior Pinkerton’s on the scene, the murderer can’t hope to get away with it. Told in Hazel’s wonderful voice as she journals every step of the way as the two rival agencies compete to find the killer first, this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are full of fun and surprises. I may have been able to predict parts of the story but Daisy and Hazel never disappoint.This is the fifth novel in the series. There’s one more and a book of short stories to read. I’m looking forward to the next one.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tuesday Book Review

Tuesday Book Review
Water Lily by Crystal Packard
Water Lily by Crystal Packard. Five stars

Very enjoyable read. A fantasy adventure and romance. Lily likes to escape from her demanding mother and memories of her best friend’s death by visiting her grandmother, called Mémé. But when she arrives her great-aunts tell her that her grandmother has gone off somewhere. Unhappy, Lily finds a mural on Mémé’s wall. When the moon shines on it, the mural radiates and when she touches the water in it, her hand comes away wet. Lily passes through the painting and arrives in an old-fashioned world. Believing her grandmother is somewhere in that world, she meets people who help her and others who don’t. Her adventures teach her who she loves and what abilities she has.