Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Tuesday Book Review


Four-star review of The Crossing (Detective Louise Blackwell Book 1) by Matt Brolly

 Although the reader knows rather early on who the murderer is, learning his motivation and the complications in Louise’s life that interfere with her investigation kept the tension high throughout. It starts with the discovery of a body on the beach of Weston-super-Mare on the southwestern coast of England. Louise was reassigned to the area from a position with the CID due to a previous case where she and her partner disagreed about what happened. This is the first in a series. I’m sure Louise will get over her resentment over her reassignment. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Tuesday Book Review


Five-star review of Cosega Storm (The Cosega Sequence Book 2) by Brandt Legg

 Another page-turner in this series. Rip, Gale and their many pursuers are still in the southwest part of the country I know so it was easy to follow their travels. Rip isn’t sure who he can trust. Government agencies, private individuals and even the Catholic Church want the Eysen, his archeological find, but he still hasn’t had time to find all of its secrets. Like the first book, this is told from a number of characters’ points of view, so we know what each group plans, but that doesn’t keep the novel from being exciting, full of twists and surprises. Like the first book in the series, this one ends with a cliffhanger of sorts and so I will soon start the third book in the series.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Tuesday Book Review


Five-star review of By the Light of the Moon by Dean Koontz

 Have I said before I love the literary way Koontz writes paranormal thrillers? I’m not even sure he’d say that’s what they are but to me they’re perfect. I loved this older one about an artist, Dylan, who’s guardian to his much younger autistic brother Shep and a female stand-up comedian, Jilly. On the same summer night they’re each grabbed at a motel in Arizona by a man who ties them up and then injects them with ‘stuff’ that will either kill them or do something to rewire their brains. With her Cadillac torched by men after the mad scientist, Jilly joins Dylan and his brother in a race to escape the folks in the black suburbans who are after what’s been injected into them. None of them know how the injections will affect them, each differently. These strangers grow closer as the action intensifies and they learn new ways to use their new abilities to do what has to be done. And that’s as it should be.