Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tuesday Book Reviews

Myths and Mortals (Numina Trilogy #2)

Five star review of Myths and Mortals by Charlie N. Holmberg

The sequel to Smoke and Summons continues to weave the story of Sandis and Rone and gives us more of the immersive world-building. The descriptions of the different neighborhoods of the city they live in, the denizens of various parts, provides a background to a tense, tightly knit story of vessels and summoners and the quest to kill Kazen. Sandis’ uncle turns out to be the worst choice of an ally. Rone appeals to his father again. After a raid on Kazen’s premises, Sandis and Rone find three other vessels. My main quibble is the way Sandis, who hated being a vessel and used to summon demons, would willingly become a summoner. Circumstances required it, but it still seems wrong to me.

Stress Is Relative: Memoir of an Air Traffic Controller

Three star review of Stress Is Relative: Memoir of an Air Traffic Controller by Rose Marie Kern

For a reader who mostly reads fiction, the lack of tension was odd in this memoir about stress and an air traffic controller. The matter-of-fact tone and extensive descriptions of related subjects contributed to this. Guess it wasn't what I expected.

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