Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Tuesday Book Reviews

Akrad's Children (Akrad's Legacy #1)

5 star review for Akrad’s Children by Jeanette O’Hagan

In Akrad’s Children, we’re introduced to Dinnis, Ista and Mannok. Slowly we come to care about the three of them, flaws and all, but mostly we root for Dinnis. He’s the blue Nolmec great grandson of the Arkon Akrad who he hates. He longs for the day his father will come and rescue him from Akrad’s cruelty, but after he helps his father’s Tamrin forces defeat Akrad, Dinnis is disappointed by the way his father treats him. We follow the three children through many years of change. The world they live in is described in rich detail and the history woven into the narrative.

Tips Lawyers Wish You Knew by Ann D Zeigler

4-star review of Tips Lawyers Wish You Knew: Going It Alone at the Courthouse by Ann D Ziegler

Many tips squeezed into this book that's essential reading for anyone representing themselves in a court case. Those with lawyers can learn something too. Since I don't belong to either group, I didn't finish it, but what I read, was presented in an engaging and sometimes humorous fashion.

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