Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tuesday Book Reviews

Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword (The Dream Chronicles, #2)

Bear Kingdom and the Golden Sword by Stacie Eirich  5 stars

Suzie, her twin brother Jack and two friends are tasked with rescuing the Tiger Queen, her cubs and the Book of Destiny in the Bear Kingdom. This is obviously the sequel to a story that takes place in the Tiger Kingdom (to be followed with another in the Dragon Kingdom). In this middle grade book, the heroes are armed with magical articles and helped by rhyming mythical animals. It's a heart-warming tale despite the cold climate of the Bear Kingdom. Even the villainous Bear King turns out to be good, but under an evil spell. No mention of who cast it. I enjoyed this easy read.

The Rose Thief

The Rose Thief by Clair Buss 5 stars

When someone steals many of the royal roses, Ned, the Thief Catcher, is asked by the Emperor to find the thief and keep them from stealing the red rose of love. Thus begins a much more complex romp than I expected at first. Little is what or whom they seem. So many wonderful characters inhabit this story, but my favorite is Jenni, the lisping sprite. Head hopping and occasional misspellings didn't deter my many chuckles or that lol moments.

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