Tuesday, September 18, 2018

At Bay (Alex Troutt Thriller, #1; Redemption Thriller #1)

Four star review of At Bay by John W. Mefford

The first in a relatively new mystery/police procedural was a quick read. I particularly liked the protagonist, Alex. She’s an FBI agent who’s lost her memory in an auto accident. As she works a case, mainly against doctor’s orders to take it easy, she also juggles her home life and her own propensity for doing too much. The kids, in particular, were well-drawn, as was her relationship with her gay former/current partner. Although certain events in the book were hard to swallow, overall, this was a good start to a series.

Child of Chaos: The Chesan Legacy Series, Book One (Volume 1)

5 star review of Child of Chaos by D. E. Williams

This book has an intricate plot. At first we’re made to think Tridia is the only survivor of the Chesan race, but later we learn differently. The story really starts when she’s a teenaged assassin for the Hierarchy, the ruling body of one set of worlds. In an attempt to reach the highest level, she requests a Challenge Hunt. We also see her and this universe through the eyes of Ambassador Brenden Aren, and a small part of it through the eyes of Drayden and those of his lookalike Davik. Many other prominent characters have roles in the story, most prominently, Empress Dojene. Each of these characters is distinct and well-rounded.

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