Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Tuesday Book Review


Five-star Review of The Night Raven (Moonwind Mysteries #1) by Johan Rundberg

 Mika, a twelve-year-old living at a public orphanage in 1880’s Stockholm and working as a bartender at night to earn money, is the least likely detective. But then rumors of the Night Raven returning to the streets of the city after a body is found and besides that a baby is left at the door of the orphanage by a lad who refers to a dark angel. Mika teams up with a police inspector, who seems to be on probation following a previous case. Mika and Valdemar don’t always confide in each other, but they make a good team. Throughout the story we see Mika’s resourcefulness and observational skills. This is the first in a series, translated very well from the original Swedish, and I’m looking forward to more from this unlikely team.

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