Thursday, October 26, 2023

Tuesday Book Review on Thursday

Five-star review of Spy Coast: A Thriller (The Martini Club Book 1) by Tess Gerritsen 

This is a great start for a series. Gerritsen’s descriptions let you join the action in all of her books. In this one, told from the perspective of two former spies and a young police officer they drew me right in. Although it starts from the viewpoint of the least followed woman, it’s mainly about another spy, Maggie Bird, who’s retired to Maine to raise chickens. A few former colleagues from her CIA days also live in the small town. The bucolic calm is disturbed by the arrival of another agent looking for someone from Maggie's past. Gradually, the story of Maggie’s last mission and the death of her husband is revealed. Her neighborhood retired spies join her in determining who’s behind the death of the agent and attempts on Maggie’s life as they form the Martini Club. Action and surprises keep the story moving forward. 

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