Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Tuesday Book Review


After a short hiatus, I've returned with another review:

Four-star review of Cosega Source (The Cosega Sequence book 5) by Brandt Legg

This fifth book in the series introduces the literal source of the Eysen spheres, the Cosegans from eleven million years ago. Supposedly a peaceful civilization, the individuals were involved in several conflicts in their ideas about how to save the future of mankind. The implications in the first four books was that the Cosegans died out, becoming extinct like the dinosaurs, and there are several obvious reasons why. The readers of the earlier books are, of course, more inclined to side with Trynn, the scientist that Rip and Gail call The Crying Man, the one who appeared to them in the first Eysen they found. His goal is to insert more and more Eysen spheres in times in his future (and our past) to warn of the impending doom to all mankind. Much of this book was interesting, some even exciting like the Imazes’ voyage to a time and space barrier, but I missed having more Rip, Gale and especially their daughter. There was even an Easter egg related to the first Legg series I read, the Last Librarian series.

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