Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Tuesday Book Review on Wednesday

Five-star review of The Ministry of Unladylike Activity by Robin Stevens

Hazel’s little sister May has snuck out of Deapdean school for girls with the intent of joining Big Sister Hazel at the ministry, but when Daisy turns her away from the headquarters in London, she teams up with Eric, a boy with his own backstory, and sets out to prove she’s as good a spy as Daisy and Hazel. It’s 1940 and children are being evacuated from London and they take that as an opportunity to get close to one of the addresses May found of the homes of potential spies for Germany. At a country home near Canterbury, their early dislike of Nuala, a girl their age, gradually wears away as they investigate the murder of her uncle during an evening game with the extended family. The book was at least as much fun as the Murder Unladylike books about the teenage exploits of Daisy and Hazel. Hope this series is at least as long as the first one. 

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