Monday, July 31, 2023

Tuesday Book Reviews on Monday


Five-star review of Murder in the Sunshine (The Retired Detectives Club Book 1) by Steph Broadribb

In this first of a series, we’re introduced to four retired law enforcement people, three from England and the other from the US. They’ve all now live in a huge retirement community in Florida. When Moira finds a young woman floating in a pool in their section, she and the others (Rick the American former DEA staffer and married couple Philip and Lizzie, he a former DCI like Moira and she a CSI specialist). They’re quickly ahead of the bumbling police officer assigned to the case, but what makes this more interesting is that both Moira and Philip have secrets about why they retired. I don’t doubt Lizzie and Rick do too, but their revelations will have to wait for the rest of the series. I also hope the retired detectives can help make The Homestead the safe place it was billed to be.

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