Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Tuesday review on Wednesday

Four-star review of The Night Searchers by Marcia Muller

Sharon’s P.I. firm’s client and Hy’s security company’s case intertwine early on. With Hy off on another international assignment, it’s up to Sharon to steer both teams to find out what the Night Searchers, a bunch of folks seeking thrills as a relief from boring lives, have to do with her client’s wife seeing unbelievable and grisly events. Despite a number of inconsistencies, which could have been avoided by more careful editing, this is a fast, engaging and often exciting read. Many of the regulars of the series are here in one capacity or another. Others are mentioned but don’t appear. I’ve been reading the last ten or so books in this series out of order, but that hasn’t dulled my enjoyment of this 30th book in the series.

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