Thursday, November 4, 2021

Tuesday Book Review on Thursday


Five-star review of Under Two Moons: The Paradisi Chronicles (Caelestis Series Book 2) by Louisa Locke

The history and secrets revealed in Book 1 of this series are just a start. In this book, that takes place two years after the first, Mei-Lin Yu learns so much more about Ddaera, its people and animals; what happened after the arrival of the ten families and others in the first ten ships from Earth; what happened to the Reachers; and her own abilities. It starts when she’s kidnapped on her way home to Mynyddamore from New Hong Kong. And then there’s Silence, the Snow Leopard, a sentient animal who’s Jaxon’s companion. The book ended before all was revealed and before Mei-Lin discovered what scheme her brother, Albert, is trying to push through the Council. But I would have read the third book anyway. The fact that the second book of my series is also named Under Two Moons did not affect my rating. 

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