Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Tuesday Book Review on Wednesday


Five-star review of White Out by Danielle Girard

 Lily Baker wakes up after an accident on an icy road with no recent memories. Iver Larson has a severe case of PTSD and survivor’s guilt. He’s plagued by nightmares of killing a woman in the Middle East. He can’t remember what happened the night before either. Kylie Milliard is the detective who investigates the murder of a young woman near Iver’s bar during the time neither can remember. Slowly but surely, Girard reveals the pasts of each of the characters and how that plays into the murder and everything that happens next. I’ve enjoyed books by this author in the past. The characters are so well developed I’m sure I’ll enjoy the next one in this series. This is how a thriller should be written.


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