Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Tuesday Book Review

Four-star review of Aeon Burn Book 2 of 3: Aeon by Matthew Mather and Dale M. Nelson

This second book in the series was published after Matthew Mather’s untimely and tragic death. That’s somewhat obvious in the switch towards the end from showing this postapocalyptic story to telling what happened over several months to the characters and the world. I hope the third book in the series develops more slowly, showing the emotions of each of the characters we’ve come to love or hate. In this story, we follow Max’s efforts in the Amazon to learn what his childhood friend Ben Belloc is doing at the Colony, his pregnant wife Tali’s search for a safe place to have their baby, and physicist Xin Rhou’s trek across the melting Antarctic from one destroyed research station to another. They’re all dealing with the rising temperatures due to supernova Aeon’s detonation in the atmosphere. Most of the book was exciting and I will read the third book.

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