Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Tuesday Book Review on Wednesday


Five-star Review of Across the Sand by Hugh Howey

 I read Sand years ago when it was first published and it’s stuck in my mind ever since. A world that’s been so inundated with sand that people have to dive deep to scavenge the cities of the past required the kind of world-building I admire. In this story, Palmer, one of those divers who brought back relics from Danver (what’s left of current-day Denver) in the first book, is still diving. His siblings are too, except for Rob who develops new devices to improve those dives. Vic, the oldest sibling and a major character in the previous novel, appears only briefly at the beginning of this sequel. In another locale, a girl witnesses the destruction of her city and then stows away on a train containing her father. Interesting characters and relationships make the story even better.

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