Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Tuesday Book Review

Five-star review for Cosega Search by Brandt Legg

 This is my kind of story, despite the otherworldly, spiritualist aspect. Rip Gaines, a well-known and respected archeologist finds an artefact on a dig that seems to be what he’s spent his life looking for. Suddenly, an assortment of groups ranging from the FBI to the Vatican come after him to either possess the find or hide it because of it’s significance. Caught up with him is National Geographic reporter Gale Asher. I wasn’t too pleased that a number of people are killed along the way but that makes the remaining people loyal to Rip more important. Rip and Gale are pursued all the way from Virginia to Taos, New Mexico. It might be because I know the area fairly well, but the scenes at this part of the story were the clearest to me. This is the first in a long series and I’ve already begun to read the second one. I’ve read books by Legg before and always found them fast paced and engaging.

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