Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Tuesday Book Reviews on Wednesday


Four-star review of Aeon Rising: The Apocalypse Rises by Matthew Mather


Watching the effects of Aeon (a supernova or maybe hypernova) on the Brazilian rainforest with Max Carver, on the western US with his very pregnant wife Talisha, at an Antarctic research station with Dr. Xin Rou and on D.C. with Senator Copeland and Colonel Buchannan was interesting enough. Then throw in the conspiracies, the experiments at the Colony Max was sent to, and assorted other complications to deepen the plot and raise the tension throughout the novel. Although there were some positives at the end, there were also still so many unanswered questions and possibilities of what would happen next, that I’ll definitely read the second in the series. That lack of a clear-cut ending led to me giving it four stars instead of five.

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