Thursday, January 7, 2021

Special Edition Review

Five-star review of Dragon Mage by M. L. Spencer

available tomorrow 1/8/2021

M.L. Spencer’s latest book follows the journey of Aram Raythe, a bullied boy we might consider an Asperger’s savant, from the seaside village home through several defining moments to his being declared a Champion. His obsession with knots leads to skills that help him in that journey. His boyhood friend, Markus, is in and out of his life and finally in again. Ms. Spencer has created two fascinating worlds, the one above and the one below. Both contain sorcerers, but only the world below is filled with dragons and dragon-riders. The descriptions are excellent. The characters are believable. Aram’s arc, especially, is exceptional. This is very different from Spencer’s previous books but even better written and full of the details that make a story memorable.

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