Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Tuesday Book Reviews

The Coin

Four star review of The Coin by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

This romantic thriller about an American woman Gabriella (originally from Cuba), who lives near Grasse and found a coin while hiking. The coin has markings added after it was minted, and they indicate that it’s part of some international scheme to create dissent among people. Gabriella, married with two children, is guarded by a reluctant American operative who happened to be nearby on vacation. The intriguing plot of the novel moved quickly with lots of tension that was sometimes interrupted by head-hopping, the growing attraction between the operative and the woman despite her marital status, and the obvious identity of the antagonist.

Siege and Sacrifice (Numina #3)

Five-star review of Siege and Sacrifice by Charlie Holmberg

The third novel in this trilogy follows through on what was promised by the first two and gives the reader even more. Kolosus has been inflicted on the world and Sandis, the other vessels, and the clerics must work together to fight him. This time the story also takes us to the ethereal plane where the numen reside, many more numen than we’ve seen before. Their origin is revealed – another excellent piece of world building from one of my favorite fantasy writers. The ending to Sandis and Rone’s story was perfect. Highly recommended.

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