Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tuesday Book Reviews

She Faces Her Enemy: Learning Who "They" Are

4-star review of She Faces Her Enemy by Sharleen Daugherty

The second book in the Double Doll series is an interesting account of how the author changed her life and found out who or what her enemy was. The influences of Navajo culture that helped with those changes and her interest in promoting Navajo weavers are instrumental in her changes in viewpoint. She learned she didn’t have to face her enemies alone.

The Elixir War

3 star review of Elixir Wars by Margena Holmes

Interesting story filled with action, including a climactic sword fight, and romance. The premise is that Radern wants to control the manufacture of the Elixir, a substance that gives the characters abilities, some named and some not. Abilities, that is, not characters. Prince Jordan is tasked with rekindling his romance with Deyka Radern to find out her father’s plans despite the fact that Jordy is engaged to Samara. He’s also a pilot. Judicious editing could make the story flow more tightly and turn telling sections into showing, making this a gripping four- or five-star story.

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