Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Tuesday book reviews on Wednesday

A Life in the Law: A Woman Lawyer's Life in Post-World War II Albuquerque, New Mexico

4 star review of A Life in the Law by Mary M. Dunlap and Mary Kay Stein

The struggles of woman lawyer Mary M. Dunlap, who started a practice in Albuquerque in 1949, make for interesting reading. This memoir follows her trials and triumphs as she faced the male-dominated law field and at the same time raised her young children. Mary Kay Stein, her eldest daughter, covers her mother’s more than forty-year career representing a vast assortment of characters.

My Plunder: Westerners and Warriors

4-star review of My Plunder – Westerners and Warriors by Myles Culbertson

What makes this book enjoyable is the voice of the narrator. He has so many interesting tales of the cowboys who continued to operate in northeastern New Mexico and southern Colorado into the twentieth century. As one himself, he has an appreciation of the difficulties of that life. He also talks about his experiences during the Vietnam War. Illustrated with photographs and drawings, it’s the words that paint the pictures of these stories.

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