Monday, March 4, 2019

Current knitting projects

I write more than one story at a time, read more than one book, and also knit more than one item. I thought it was time to show you the diverse things I'm working on:

This started out to be a scarf, but it's narrow and, because I don't have more of the yarn, it's short, so I'll probably turn it into a cowl.

The pattern is Debbie Bliss' Paloma scarf

I'm also working on this shawl. The pattern is from the Craftsy Estonian Lace course by Nancy Bush.

I'm knitting it using the fingering yarns that were in my goody bag at last years knitting excursion,
including a couple of solids and a hand-dyed one.                                                                                     
Finally, I've just started the sleeves for a sweater I'm knitting with a Cascade 220 four-ply yarn using a pattern called Taina. I've finished the back and two fronts. This is the back.                                      

I'll post pictures of the finished products over the next weeks. Or months. Or however long it takes. 

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