Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tuesday Book Review

I'll be at a knitting retreat next weekend, so there won't be a blog post on Friday or Sunday, but I'll be gathering info for many more knitting blogs and pictures too.

Here's my latest book review:

Straying from the Path

5 Star review of Straying from the Path by Charity Tahmaseb

Excellent anthology of retellings of famous fairy tales. I liked the last novella-length one based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears the best and hope she writes a sequel to How Goldi Lost Her Locks. Each story is quite a departure from the original. As the synopsis says: “Anything can happen when you stray from the path. These are not your mother’s fairy tales.” In most of the stories, the main female character is strong, much stronger than their counterpart in the original stories. I read several of Tahmaseb’s Coffee and Ghosts stories and expecting good pieces; I wasn’t disappointed at all. 

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