Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Tuesday Book Reviews

My present to you is two reviews:

 5 star review of Death in the Spotlight by Robin Stevens

This was one of my favorite stories in the Unladylike series, possibly because Hazel is coming into her own as a detective.

Staying at Daisy’s aunt and uncle in London, she and Daisy have joined a theatrical production of Romeo and Juliet to ‘keep 

them out of danger’. But death finds them there when a member of the cast is found drowned in a well at the lowest level of 

the theater. When Daisy comes down with the flu that earlier struck other members of the cast, and the girls are forbidden to 

go back to the theater, Hazel must detect in other ways, with help from Alexander and George. Of course, in the end, they

both find the murderer.

Danger's Vice by Amanda  Carlson

5 star review of Danger’s Vice by Amanda Carlson

This book follows directly on Danger’s Halo. Holly and her friends thought they could go back to normal after they got rid 

of Tandor and company and they could find the pico computer so they could find out what’s on the quantum drive Daze 

stole. But part of Tandor’s crew remain in the city and have a new plan to control it. Holly’s still not sure whether or not to

trust Chase, and as usual she works alone. But she’s taking her responsibility as Daze’s sustainer seriously. Carlson continues

to build this world and the characters in it.

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