Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tuesday Book Reviews

The Mosaic by Chris Keaton

Mosaic by Chris Keaton and Rick Taubold 4 star review

A mosaic that had trapped all magically beings was broken apart thousands of years earlier. The remains are in the basement of a small museum in a small midwestern town. Twins Chloe and Zoe’s grandmother runs the museum with their help. When they discover missing pieces, and Chloe realizes she can put them in, their adventures begin. Filled with all sorts of magical creatures, including good and bad witches, this was a scary but fun read.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

Eye of the World by Robert Jordan 5 star review

The first book in Robert Jordan’s series was just that, an eye into the world of the series, an introduction of many of the characters, and a great fantasy story. When the three young men, Rand, Perrin and Mat left their sleepy hamlet, they were only beginning to believe that all the tales they’d heard growing up were true. The world-building is first rate, and each character has their part to play.
I feel like I’m going on an adventure of my own as I continue to read the series. This is what epic fantasy should be.

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