Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sorry I've been AWOL from this blog for a bit, but here's one. The prompt was: Describe a landscape as seen by an old woman whose disgusting and detestable old husband has just died. Do not mention the husband or death.

I felt so claustrophobic even in my own house, windows dressed in heavy drapes always kept closed and not a plant in sight. It was clean, not a speck of dust, yet I couldn’t breathe. So when I was finally able to leave, I felt free. Going outside, even for a short walk would be refreshing. I found an old frock, a floral print. No black widow’s weeds for me.

My knees would never let me hike in the nearby hills, but on the even path through the park I’d have no trouble. If I tired, I could sit on a bench, but for now the blossoming trees and the scents of new spring flowers called to me. Tiny birds flitted from daffodils to daisies, flying the way I felt I was even with my feet on the ground. Squirrels looked my way, then scurried off, up the nearest tree, and I laughed. When was the last time I’d done that? The shoots of green grass formed a carpet. I should have brought a blanket to sit or lie on, but the grass was more inviting than any bench.

I stretched out on one sun-drenched section and lay there for a while, more relaxed than I’d been in ages. I woke, not knowing how long I’d slept, but the sun had begun it’s descent. I sighed and stood, with a bit of effort, and walked back towards the house, grateful for a few hours in the fresh air.

Tomorrow I'll pull down the drapes and throw open the windows. Maybe I’ll take a trip in a few weeks. I’d always wanted to go to the Orient or Hawaii or maybe Australia, somewhere far away. And now I can.

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