Tuesday, December 5, 2017

More recent reviews of books by SciFi Roundtable authors:

Caligation by Brhi Stokes

Wow, what a fascinating world Brhi Stokes has conceived

Fascinating world full of great characters. Ripley's adventures and search for the truth make for action-filled scenes. I highly recommend the story.


: A Short Story by 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Here's another book review:

Daddy’s Girl by Lisa Scottoline

I always love Scottoline’s novels, the ones about a firm of female lawyers solving crimes and the suspenseful thriller novels. In this page turner with wonderful characters and great development of the main character, Scottoline combines the two. I put aside everything else I was reading to focus on what happened next. It had me clinging to the edge of my seat. We follow the development of law professor Nat Greco from someone who follows the rules, and especially the expectation of her overbearing family to a woman who can handle herself and knows her own mind. Five stars.

Monday, October 16, 2017

This is the opening of the third book in my Crystal Odyssey series, now called Beyond the Sea. What can I do so it grabs the readers more?

People, horses, and wagons crowded the vast entryway of the Stronghold. The day had arrived for the start of our next adventure. I'd looked forward to this for so long that it was almost anticlimactic to actually be embarking for home and then Fartek.

We saddled our steeds and stowed our packs, mounted and took one last look at the people and the place we were leaving behind, and then Oskar opened the entry so we could file out.

The last weeks at the Stronghold we prepared for the journey to Fartek. Katya and Mai made good progress in deciphering Madoc's books, the main object of our trek, using what we found in the fallen satellite at the bottom of Dulno Lake.